Arbor Performance Artist Fish 37

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The Arbor Artist Fish complete longboard is just the right thing if you are looking for an agile and super stable carver for city and country.
High quality and perfectly matched hardware offer you an unsurpassed boarding experience.

Riding style
With this complete board, riding fun and style come first. Whether cruising through the city or as a means of transport is independent of traffic jams - this board will take you further on any terrain. 

The pintail shape of the deck reminds of a surfboard. Due to its shape the board is also very good in turns, if you want to carve properly.

All Arbor Skate Decks are handmade and made out of sustainable wood. The wide trucks in reverse kingpin design are manoeuvrable and very stable. The soft wheels offer very good grip and roll smoothly over any surface. Abec-7 bearings rotate faster and longer, which means you need less power and reach top speed faster.